European crabapple

    Malus sylvestris

  • Nearby Address: 30 N Fourteenth St, Milton Keynes MK9 3NP, UK

Common attributes

  • Flowering
  • Native to region
General tree information
Tree number #54542
Scientific name Malus sylvestris
Common name European crabapple
Family Rosaceae
Trunk diameter 0.10 metres
Tree height Missing
Date Planted Missing
Related URL Missing
Nearby Address 30 N Fourteenth St, Milton Keynes MK9 3NP, UK
Yearly ecosystem services Value
Energy conserved 202.89 kWh £8.12
Stormwater intercepted 627.06 litres £0.28
Air pollutants removed 0.15 kgs £1.35
Carbon dioxide reduced 30.95 kgs £1.64
Total CO2 stored to date 63.75 kgs £3.37
Powerlines overhead Missing
Pavement damage Missing
Tree Condition Missing
Canopy Condition Missing
Pests and Diseases More Info Missing
Actions 0 known
Owner Missing
Local projects 0 known
Tree steward Missing
Sponsor Missing
Tree entered by HilarieB


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